Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What Karl Barth Told His Daughter about Creation and Evolution

Karl Barth wrote the following letter to his niece, who had written to him asking about creation and evolution:

Basel, 18 Feb. 1965

Dear Christine,

You have had to wait a terribly long time for an answer to your letter of 13 Dec.—not because of indifference, for I am sincerely interested in your welfare, and in that of your mother and sisters, and am always pleased to have good news from Zollikofen [near Bern, Switzerland].

Has no one explained to you in your seminar that one can as little compare the biblical creation story and a scientific theory like that of evolution as one can compare, shall we say, an organ and a vacuum-cleaner—that there can be as little question of harmony between as of contradiction?

The creation story is a witness to the beginning or becoming of all reality distinct from God in the light of God’s later acts and words relating to his people Israel—naturally in the form of a saga or poem. The theory of evolution is an attempt to explain the same reality in its inner nexus—naturally in the form of a scientific hypothesis.

The creation story deals only with the becoming of all things, and therefore with the revelation of God, which is inaccessible to science as such. The theory of evolution deals with what has become, as it appears to human observation and research and as it invites human interpretation. Thus one’s attitude to the creation story and the theory of evolution can take the form of an either/or only if one shuts oneself off completely from faith in God’s revelation or from the mind (or opportunity) for scientific understanding.

So tell the teacher concerned that she should distinguish what is to be distinguished and not shut herself off completely from either side.

My answer comes so late because on the very day you wrote, 13 Dec., I had a stroke and had to spend several weeks in the hospital.

With sincere greetings which you may also pass on to your mother and sisters,

Uncle Karl

(borrowed from http://faith-theology.blogspot.com by Ben Myers)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

In Light of Foolishness....

Fun night this evening, eating, hanging with others and reading a one act play by Stephen Broyles together. Stephen is convening a series of evening together, as he says, "Exploring Christian thoughtfulness, foolishness, industry, repose, outrage, wisdom, community, solitude, and soup," at his and Sharon's home in Greeenfield, aka The Andreas Center, 2 Friday eves per month, on the opposite weekends of the DSC nights. Check out his web site (and linked blog) for more information.

Andreas Center

Marigold Fund...check it out!!

Marigold Fund

is a new non-profit in Afghanistan, founded by our long time friend Gary Moorehead. Gary will be at the DSC in 3 weeks (Jan. 21). Meanwhile check out the brand new web page. Incredible photos of Afghanistan and great info on what he and others are doing there.