Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New essay on Torture Scandal

And here is an article from the New England Journal of Foreign Policy called "Cruel Science: A History of Torture in the CIA"

Monday, February 06, 2006

Scholar tells internet-addicted theologian to pull the plug!

I couldn't help but think "Ow!" when I read this. Couldn't have read it without the web though . . . hmmm . . .


Sunday, February 05, 2006

John Webster, the new up-and-coming theologian

“One of the grand myths of modernity has been that the operations of reason are a sphere from which God’s presence can be banished, where the mind is, as it were, safe from divine intrusion. To that myth, Christian theology is a standing rebuke. As holy reason at work, Christian theology can never escape from the sober realization that we talk in the terrifying presence of the God from whom we cannot flee (Ps. 139.7). In Christian theology, the matter of our discourse is not someone absent, someone whom we have managed to exclude from our own intellectual self-presence and about whom we can talk away safely and undisturbed. We speak in God’s presence. When we begin to talk theologically about the holiness of God, we soon enough discover that the tables have been reversed; it is no longer we who summon God before our minds to make him a matter for clever discourse, but the opposite: the Holy God shows himself and summons us before him to give an account of our thinking. That summons – and not any constellation of cultural, intellectual or political conditions – is the determinative context for holy reason. There are other contexts, of course, other determinations and constraints in the intellectual work of theology…. But those determinations and constraints are all subordinate to, and relativized by, the governing claim of the holy God, a claim which is of all things most fearful but also of all things most of promise” (John Webster, Holiness, 15).

Artists for God

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