Saturday, November 12, 2005

Scott (left) and Chris (right) proud of the new track.

Amherst based band lays down first track titled "Pleasing Geese" for their new album of the same name. They finished recording the vocals for the song in their 7 Willow lane bathroom studio.

Band members include: Andi Williston (left) on guitar/vocals, Heather Hayes on lead guitar/vocals, Chris Terry-Nelson on drums/vocals, Colleen Vispoli on bass/vocals, Scott Hill on bongo/vocals, and Ian Callahan producer/vocals.

The band had a rocking good time recording their song which addresses what they are most passionate about, pleasing the geese. The band also had a short but kick ass dance party while reviewing what they had recorded.
below: Andi (left) and Ian(right) hard at work in the studio.

Intelligent Design "test" in PA

Likely you have heard about Pat Robertson's latest gaffaw regarding impending doom and God's abandonment of Dover PA, but have to you heard details about this PA court case? It is being touted as the first court test of Intelligent Design and critical in how science is taught in the future in the US. If you heard Sir Polkinghorne speak at UMass a few years ago you know this renown physicist speaks and writes about the scientific evidence for an intelligent designer. Behe also spoke at Umass; he was one of the expert witnesses in the PA case (he's the author of Darwin's Black Box). In fact, Behe is coming to Umass again in a few months (thx to Dave Thom) and this will again be discussed in our midst. The PA court case is completed but as of this moment, the ruling has not been handed down. All this started in Dover b/c the school board voted to have a statement read to the science students about Evolution being a theory (not fact) and about Intelligent Design being an alternate theory.... and also making a text book about ID available if students wanted to read more about it. For an article, and the exact text of the statement that was to be read to students here is a link:

pleasing geese

Friday, November 11, 2005

Revealing Little Ditty

DSC Curator Plays New Role

DSC Curator took on a new role today as Chimney Sweep, here spotted on Wendell Rd in Shute-Ho. Word has it this is not a permanant role change but rather a role he plays from time to time, out of sheer necessity. He is expected to be back at his regular DSC Curator gig next Saturday, November 19, 7 PM at the Ark.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pat Robinson Back in the News

Well, no matter what one thinks about intelligent design, warning an entire town of impending doom b/c they don't support it seems a bit...well... rash??'s the latest (reported just this evening) Pat Robinson prophetic outlandish outlash:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor To Be Hit Again

Debate begins in the House of Reps Wednesday about more cuts to social programs for the needy offset by tax cuts for the top 3%.

Jim Wallis writes:

The House is scheduled to begin debate tomorrow on its budget bill, which includes $54 billion in cuts. On the table are cuts of $9.5 billion in Medicaid - by requiring co-pays for pregnant women and children for the first time; $8 billion in foster care, child support enforcement, and aid to the disabled; and $844 million in the Food Stamps Program, which would prevent 300,000 people from receiving food stamps. Forty thousand children would be cut from reduced-price school lunches. Lawmakers intend to follow these with a further cut of $70 billion in taxes that will primarily benefit the top 3% of taxpayers. The message from Congress is that in response to Hurricane Katrina, we're going to cut services for the poor, cut taxes for the rich, and increase deficits for our children and grandchildren.

These plans for deep cuts to social supports, paid for by tax cuts for the wealthiest, are contrary to the national priorities we need to protect our most vulnerable citizens. We need strong moral leadership in Congress, especially during this time of war, record deficits, rising poverty and hunger, and natural disasters. Cutting food stamps and health care that meet the basic needs of poor families is an outrage. Cutting social services to pay for further tax cuts for the rich is a moral travesty that violates biblical priorities. The House leadership seems to be saying they literally want to take food from the mouths of children to make rich people richer. If this ideology and politics of rich over poor prevails and our leaders fail to govern from a set of moral values, then the religious community must conclude that compassionate conservatism is dead.
....I urge you to read the alert that follows, pick up your phone, and call your member of Congress. Tell him or her to show political will in standing up for the least of these, as Jesus reminds us.

This is just an excerpt from the article. For more info go to Sojourners:

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rice and Wright

In the link below you will find, among other things, that Anne Rice is a fan of N.T. Wright. Bayad!
If people get a chance please pray for God's will to be done in this grant application that Jakob's Well and Grace Church have applied for from the Diocese. Obviously, we could use the money but I want a sense of peace about it either way. If people want more details about it email me at



Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Zombie Bride Lives

This title of a chapter in the book Organic Church reminded me of a combination of Ian's post about Anne Rice becoming a Christian..she is the author of vampire Ian's Zombie Popper Party announcement. The book chapter is actually about the modern American Church, the Bride fo Christ...which he author once envisioned as being a bride lying on a couch in a half dead zombie state, in need of a breath of fresh air. He says, "I knew this vision was the picture of the church in Amercia today: sick, kept alive by a supernatural force, but believing she was quite healthy and ready to meet Jesus. The hope is that a breath of fresh air and light is coming soon."

The author, Neil Cole, and his wife left the church he was pastoring to start an Organic Church they called Awakening in Long Beach,CA and ended up founding Church Multiplication Associates, a support ministry which exists to help people start up small, simple, highly replicatable and missional churches in the places where the people are: coffee shops, clubs, restaurants, work places, parking lots, houses, etc. "Go to them, don't expect them to come to us", is one of his big points. They now know of 700 churches in 32 states and 23 nations which have begun as a result of the intial network of small churhces they started 6 years ago!

I just started this book tonight. I am sure I will be posting more about it on my Musings From Shute-Ho blog if you are interested. On another note: today I posted about the bob cat we saw.....

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Raven's Used Bookstore Closing

So Raven is closing in downtown Amherst. The Northampton one shall stay open (it's owned by someone else now). But the reason for the closing is due to the new Raven opening in Cambridge. The store clerk said that Amherst has good clientel, but lacks the necessary numbers to keep it running. So sad . . . :-(