Saturday, August 13, 2005

They're Back!'s true...Jess and Ben are back...yipee! They got into town a bit after 11PM Friday...after leaving Whitewater at 3:30 AM, WI time. That's like 18.5 hours on the road but they made it! After a bit of sleep and a big breakfast in Shute-Ho this AM (with the Aaron too) we headed down to the new apt at The Brook and began to clean and move some stuff in. Michael, Baird and Ben, along with some help from Ian too, got 2 car loads and 2 van loads out of storage! Jess and I got quite a bit of the kitchen unpacked and set up. Wow! More tomorrow with friends and family all pitching in and a cookout including Wisconsin Cheese Burgers following the move in.....whohoo.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Citizen's Cafe

Free Music
Free Speech
Free Snacks
Free Citizens!
(This means You!)

Come one, come all to the
Citizen's Festival

* Amherst Town Common
* Sunday, August 14, 1 p.m. onward.
Open mic -- Labyrinth (for meditation) -- Artwork -- Zine Table
Info Tables for Community Organizations -- so you can get involved.
"For with great freedom, comes great responsibility."
--- Famous Marvel Comics Character

Performances by:
Mail Myself to Thoreau
Yucky Octopus
Robert Messore
Matt Porter
Mike Sweet
Arms and Legs
Cheryl O'Connel
Derien Nyra
Faith Noyes

* sponsored by Jakob's Well Community

* For more info, call Leah or Scott at (413) 549-6797.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Moving News!

Hey Everyone,
The TerryNelsons are moving from Northampton to Northeast St. in Amherst - close to where Ben and Jess previous lived! We met with the landlord this morning to check the place out, and it was very spacious and quiet (we drove there last night at 12:00am to listen for noise). It looks like Hilja might be moving into an apartment next door, but we'll see. That would be most exciting, as she provides excellent baked goods and fellowship. The main reason for moving is location - we're sick of driving over the bridge to see ya'll. We'd much rather have work be far away than ya'll. Also, the noise is a nuisance for sleep. And there are no trees. And that's bad.

Also in the news - a neighbor was quick to respond to our landlord in NoHo to look at the place tonight. It would be fantastic to not have to pay double rent. Our apartment should go fast, considering it's August. We'll keep you updated.

Also in the news: The Griffiths are moving to Auburn, which is 15 minutes away from Worcester State where Johnny works.

Signing off,

Nothing much

Hey, I'm posting my first message. I'm a blogger! I've made it!

I'm at work so I won't write much. Just enough to let you know I'm in the mix.

Aaron S. had a fun night skate last night.... 5 guys, Lee, Aaron, Dave, Tom, and ??? Man, it is hot these days and nights. They skated until 9:45pm

I leave for Nebraska this Tuesday. Will visit with the Kovacs. Home on Sunday night.

It for now.... M


I just want to reiterate that if you know anyone who should be a part of this blog, or you want to be a part of this blog shoot me an email. and if there is anyone that i'm just now inviting, my apologies for not inviting you sooner!! oh and go check out the interview with Wendell Berry at

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Underwater Shower

I have no new updates on my box painting because I got sidetracked on repainting our shower room. It was dark red but I never was happy with it b/c the paint streaked with the steam. So, this week I primed it, painted it Wave Blue and then glazed it with blue/white tinted glaze. This AM I put poly over it to keep it from running in the steam. Now it looks like an underwater shower!

So..tonight it will gets its first work out. I need a new shower curtain now tho..the dark green doesn't go. Maybe next week. Oh, yes, I tried to take a picture of my "faux" paint job but getting a good a pic in the shower room just didn't seem to work out. Sorry.. I'll have to show you next time you come by :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

cast off

hey everyone,
i went to the doctors today and found out that in 3 weeks ill either have my whole cast off or just get a half arm cast for 1-2 weeks:). thats all i got. l8er

Concourse Sales

Yeah.. hmm...what do students have to do to get a table there? Office in Campus Center Baird said... 3 tier price system...RSO's free, students cheap, businesses highest. Hey.... form a Skaters' Hybrid Fire RSO... you need 3 or 4 students to register an RSO...among other things, get a free table...sales...go for it. Not sure about the $$ thing. If its as RSO does the money all have to go to the RSO? Possibly better to do it as students and share the profits. Ya'all need to investiagte.

I want to get some students to do an RSO for LAOS too...interfaith book group....concourse table...etc..
Could be some of you same folks....share oversight of each other's tables....

Off to work I go...hey ho hey ho... work all day get 53 cents pay..hey ho hey ho hey ho...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Strummer/Hybrid Fire

one of the best i think

Hey folks

hey folks, Aaron here, i have some new content on my site feel free to observe and rant and rave if you wish!