Saturday, September 17, 2005

Project 17

Hey, Project 17 is starting on Stick with it, due to circumstances beyond my control, the beginning is going to be rocky. I also think there are some technical problems.

Garlic and Arts Update

So if you didn't make it to the Garlic and Arts fest in Orange today you still have a chance tomoorw (Sunday).
In addtion to all the garlic varieties and products there was the bio-deisel van, portable saw mill, and environmental vendors. Also there were tons of artists and food booths. You can sample rasberry salsa, various pestos, special mustards, honey, cider and the list goes on. Then there was the actual food section. I can heartily recommend the pulled pork sandwiches and the blueberry frozen yogurt. The taste I had of a perogi was yummy too. There were story tellers and musicians and a healing arts tent and more..... Gooby even pointed out to me that the bandstand was solar powered! Lots of fun and great food.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Two Bumper Stickers to Ponder

In town today I saw these two bumper stickers worth pondering:

Frodo has Failed. Bush has the Ring!


Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Chavez at the UN Summit

Go to and click on Venezuela to hear Chavez in Spanish, English, or both. Although I have concerns about his domestic policies, he certainly has hit the nail on the head regarding foreign policy.

get you indy media fill, get some indie trucks too
enjoy my brethsisthren

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hey Shnitzle......

btw: is it shnitzle as in some DJ or shnitzle as in the alternative spelling for (wiener) schnitzel....aka the german word for breaded veal cutlet... in the blogger from Seattle who is in the army...or as in the explative: the shoes looked like shnitzle...or......????? Just wondering.... me curious.....

Video Screening Night 9/10/05

Some of the gang at the video screening night last weekend.....
Lots of fun..must do more of the same..or similar.....
Keep on with all the creativity.
Thanks to all who contributed and came.

Christian Ethics by Erik Panikian

Hey guys,
So I'm driving out to West Boylston, meeting Glen Franklin and Erik Panikian, and then carpooling to Boston to listen to Erik's class from 6:30pm-10:00pm. Should be fun! It's the Gordon-Conwell Urban Campus, so it'll be interesting to be with local pastors and inner-city ministers.

Interview with Chris Hale

Excellent analysis of Christianity in India.

Inauguration of the Ark

Hey Everyone,
Come to the Ark this Sunday at 5:00pm for the Inauguration of the newly developed space. Chris Carlisle said to invite whoever I know to attend. It is SUCH an awesome space! Holy moly!

hybrid fire decks

hey ya'll aaron and i got the first run of hybrid fire decks's the graphic:

we did a couple ltd edition graphics too.

this wood is so rad, man, we're excited. if you want a deck, 30 bucks with grip, let me know.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chris Hale

If you want to hear traditional Indian music set to Christian themes, check out the music of Chris Hale, former Woodstock graduate (where Anneli and Hilja graduated from). Check out the website (includes samples and photos from Cornerstone Festival where they played with Over the Rhine.

Two Important Fronts

Live coverage of the John Roberts nomination as chief justice to the Supreme Court is far outweighing coverage of the UN Summit meeting. BBC is a good place to watch live coverage or read analysis of the meeting.

word verification

in an effort to control the absurd amount of spam comments that i've been deleting everyone will be required to use word verification when entering a comment.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The following is from an online Utne Reader review of a book called ~ Salons: The Joy of Conversation

"From the ancient Greek symposia to Gertrude Stein's famous Paris gatherings, salons have always been the incubators of provocative - even dangerous at times - ideas: the frontiers of cultural change. People who might have otherwise been socially isolated were included in salons, welcomed for their wit, intelligence, charm and insight. And passionate conversation often led to passionate action. In 1991 Utne Reader launched a salon renaissance all over North America when it featured a cover story on salons. The response to the article was staggering, leading Utne to organize a national Salon Association that quickly drew over 20,000 members."

Need I say more? This sounds like something I'd want to be part of: an incubator of provocative ideas; passionate discussion; passionate action; cultural change; wit, intellignece,charm and insight. So... let me know what ya'll think.... Paris here we come...

Oh.... and many of the original Paris Salon Keepers (organizers) were, of course... women ;-)

Lavalamp Prayers

Check this out:

American Academy of Religion Philadephia 2005

Here's what some of you might want to consider going to:

2005 Annual AAR Meeting
November 19-22, 2005
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Here's the program list in case you're interested in a particular group or topic:

Monday, September 12, 2005

Salon Sessions at LAOS????

What would you all think of me offering 3 Salon Discussion Sessions at LAOS? Idea would be: read the book, come to the one evening discussion, with the discussion time being focused on one selected passage from the book, which would be read aloud at the beginning of the evening. I am thinking of three Mondays over the Fall, one per month...7-8:30PM. The books I am tentatively considering right now are: God's Politics (Wallis), Losing Moses on the Freeway (Hedges) and Plan B: Further Thoughts on The Faith (Lamott). Would you come? Would others you know come? Would anyone come? Maybe 8 people minimum for it to work??? Feedback?

New LAOS discussion series to begin 9/22/05

~LAOS Interfaith Center and Bookstore Announces~

Twelve Conversations on The Foundations of the Moral Life

A series of discussions convened by former LAOS President and retired Presbyterian Pastor/Theologian Tom Fisher on the interface of personal morality, community and partisan politics, drawing from Hedges, Losing Moses on the Freeway, Keller’s Community: Pursuing the Dream, Living the Reality and Reflections on the 10 Commandments by Tom Fisher. The books are available for purchase at LAOS and help fund these free sessions.

Thursdays at 11 A.M. beginning September 22, 2005
Six sessions in the Fall 2005 and six sessions in the Winter 2006
At LAOS Interfaith Center & Bookstore, 867 North Pleasant Street, Amherst

For more info and to reserve your place call 548.3909 or 256.5488.
Are you interested in the series but need a Saturday A.M. session?
Please, call us and let us know!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Contemplative Service

It looks like a new contemplative service will be starting up at the beautiful new ARK space on North Pleasant Street (across from the Totman gym parking lot). It's most likely launching on Septmber 25, 4PM. Stay tuned (or contact me) for more information. I don't think their new web page is up yet.